Football Match At Kishumundu Primary School.


On Friday the 29th of March 2019 we organized a football match at Kishumundu Primary School. The delegation from Dynamic Community Impact Org consisted of Mr Gea, founder of Dynamic Community Impact Org and Moana Tanzania (travel company for charity), Anderson Martin, member of AIESEC in Kilimanjaro and our guests Sanne and Catherine from the Netherlands and Jan from Estonia.  When we arrived at the school, we were welcomed by the children and the headmaster of the school, Mr Ngowi. Our guests brought the children exercise books, pencils and sweets. After providing the children with the exercise books and pencils, the sports teacher Matrona Sangawe brought us to the football field, where the football match would take place. Team one played in a yellow outfit and consisted of children from standard 7 and Catherine and team two played in a brown outfit and consisted of children from standard 5, 6 and Jan. Anderson Martin was the referee of the game. It was a really exciting football game and both teams played very well. The children were really enthusiastic and when one of the players in the field needed to be replaced, the children on the sideline were really eager to join the game. The children on the sideline also cheered loudly throughout the game and sang encouraging songs. After about an hour of playing football, the game finished with four goals for team one and two goals for team two. The players were tired but really satisfied. After the game, it was time to make group pictures and we rewarded the players with more sweets, exercise books and pencils.

All in all, it was a great day. Despite the challenges that the children from Kishumundu Primary School face, e.g. not having good exercise clothes or not having football shoes, they are really happy and appreciative of the support they receive. Dynamic Community Impact Organization will keep organizing events like this to support the children and to emphasize how important it is for children to enjoy sports and games. Dynamic Community Impact Organization also wants to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (quality education) and will keep supporting children with schoolbooks, classroom renovation and other necessities.

Jan (from Estonia): “For me, when playing this football game, I felt like I was the same age as the children and I could feel the pure joy of the children. Even though they have so little, during the game they just focus on football and they are just enjoying like children should. They are so motivated and they are really happy with the support that they get for their aspirations to study. Sometimes the Sustainable Development Goals feel so far away when you read about them, but when you have events like this with children, you see that they are just about people. These events help to realize that you can contribute to the greater good.”

Catherine (from the Netherlands): “What really stood out to me throughout the whole match was the tremendous amount of energy and eagerness to achieve the desired objectives. This applied to the football players, but also to the spectating children who created a very vivid and supportive atmosphere. I am thankful for the appreciation we receive from our small contribution, which possibly has meaningful implications for the futures of the children.”

Mr Gea (founder of DCI Org): “In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 all of the stakeholders must cooperate to solve the challenges that the community faces. Through this football match you can see how happy the children are to join together in sports and games, no matter what gender they are. For me, events like this feel like a first step to making a change in the community.”

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