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“When I think about my journey, I don’t think about all the places I visited. I think about home that was so far away from home. I think about a place we all called home, though we came from different homes, different cities. I think about how I was unprecedentedly connected to the ground I walked on. How nature nurtured me, just like a foreign mother given both of her breasts to feed on. I think about strangers who smiled at me for no reason which made me feel that the world was all well- I was very well. I think about people who opened up to me, their stories still finding a way to crawl up into my ears. I think about my heart blended in with the background of a waterfall, a coconut tree a grilled corn scented street. I think about Gea’s jokes (Founder-DCI Org), ones that made my airplane heart drop peace and love like fliers on Moshi town. I think about Joy’s(AIESEC- member) – hundred flamingos dancing in a sky – dance. I think about Amine’s (French volunteer)hungry lion eyes, adventure-hunting-time eyes, beautiful vibrant eyes. I think about Jackson’s (Promotional Manager-DCI Org) burgundy t-shirt, was plain enough yet Mountain Kibo and Kilimanjaro grew somewhere out of it. I think about Anderson’s (AIESEC- member) karaoke, as a distant melody on a Zanzibar beach. I think about Esta’s (Kenyan volunteer)words as graceful as a strong African woman who had put over a water bucket on her head handsfree. I think about a full-moon hidden between trees’ branches, said “Mambo” like every other face. I think about 6:30 pm sunset-rays that played games with an African child in me. I think about all the ants that I didn’t want to step on. I think about kids who didn’t want to leave my hand. How the sweat was watering flowers on my hand. How their hugs delivered electrical shocks, restarted my heart. How their brilliant smiles looked like clouds in a safari  with Moana Tanzania. How my laugh out-sounded their cute giggles. I think about when I looked at a wild animal’s face, eye to eye, Beirut stopped, Paris stopped, every city had, as a water droplet became crystal ice. I think about colors, not have seen black other than skin. Red pants, yellow scarves, magenta tops orange houses and blue zincs swimming in space just as the fish under Zanzibar’s sea”~ Amine Haddad(Lebanese)-DCI Org-volunteer (23,May – 26, June,2019).

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